File Preparation


Essential elements:

  • Please include an actual size output of your file and printout of your file directory to help ensure that we complete your job accurately.
  • Be sure text is set to 1/8 of an inch within card dimensions.
  • Be sure to include bleed of at least 1/8 of an inch all four sides.


  • Please include all fonts, both the Printer and Screen fonts for all files used in the job. If you need fonts to be bold or italic, please do not use the style menu. Instead select the correct font from the font family desired. (Examples: Helvetica Bold, Helvetica Oblique, etc.) Please avoid using True Type Fonts if possible.


  • Please remove from your disk any old versions of your document or any other files that are not essential to the output of your file. If you must send a disk with other files on it, please put all files to be output in a folder that is clearly labeled.

Formats and Applications:

  • Generally, we can accept files in all of the present graphic design formats, including QuarkXpress; Adobe InDesign; AdobeIllustrator; Macromedia Freehand; Adobe or Photoshop, among others.  The art files supplied should contain all support and linked graphics and fonts required to open the file.

File Transport:

  • CD, DVD, or E-Mail (compress and make sure the file size is below 20Mb.)
  • FTP (speak to your customer service rep. for FTP instructions)

If you have any questions or comments regarding these guidelines, please feel free to contact your Sales Person or Customer Service Representative.