Terms & Conditions

ORDER ACCEPTANCE: All orders, pricing, delivery dates are subject to acceptance and confirmation by the factory. We reserve the right to accept or reject any job. Accepted orders subsequently cancelled may be subject to a cancellation charge to compensate for costs incurred on work accomplished to time of cancellation. Modifications and/or changes to proposed items may increase or decrease price to Purchaser. Acceptance of modifications and/or changes will be mutually agreed upon prior to commencement of work requested. Purchaser agrees to meet all commitments including payment of invoices according to proposed terms, any reasonable service charges and collection costs associated with collecting the account should it become past due.

DELIVERY: Per your custom quotation; delivery times are from receipt of approved proof. APCCI shall not be liable for failure to deliver goods occasioned by causes beyond our control.

SHIPPING LABELS: We will ship directly to your customer with your shipping labels if adequate labels are furnished with the order. If shipping labels are not furnished, we will use our normal shipping labels.

PACKAGING: Normal packaging is bulk packaging in convenient cartons. Special packaging is available at an additional charge.

PLATES: Printing plates, screens and dies required to do your job remain the property of the factory unless charged for separately. Customer automatically gives permission for a sample of the job to be illustrated in a future copy of our catalog or other advertising literature without requesting permission to do so, unless otherwise requested on a purchase order to us.

LIABILITY: Plant liability for errors is limited to the replacement of the items by the plant or credit for items invoiced. The plant cannot be responsible for any consequential costs incurred. Orders produced to customer specifications are the responsibility of the customer to protect themselves and the factory against violation of existing patents, copyrights and personal rights. All customers’ property on our premises is held at the customer’s risk.

RIGHTS TO PROMOTION: APCCI reserves the right to use any product in our advertising, unless specified prior to sale.

RETURNS/CLAIMS: Claims must be made in writing and within 10 days of customer’s receipt of goods. Failure to make such claim within the stated period shall constitute irrevocable acceptance and an admission that they fully comply with terms, conditions and specifications. No returns accepted without written authorization. Liability will be limited to the net factory price and shall in no event include special or consequential damages. No goods will be taken back or allowances made after being embossed, typed, printed and/or otherwise used.

CANCELLATION OF ORDERS IN PROCESS: Orders are taken subject to our approval and not subject to cancellation except by our written agreement. All work done upon cancelled orders will be charged for and orders printed but not shipped will be charged full price upon cancellation.

SHIPMENT: All orders are FOB factory. Delivery of 10% over or under the quantity specified shall constitute delivery in full of the order. Exact quantities shipped shall be billed. Normal printing industry trade customs as adopted by the Printing Industries of America shall prevail except as modified above.

DELIVERY: Delivery to the carrier constitutes delivery and transfer of title and possession to the distributor. Goods are carefully inspected prior to leaving our plant in good condition and approved containers. Any claims for damaged shipments must originate with the consignee and must be filed against the carrier making delivery. Our staff will be glad to assist you if a problem should arise.

SECURITY: The utmost in state of the art security equipment, fully staffed, 24-hour bonded security force, roving guard system, completely alarmed perimeter, internal alarm system for strategic points, employee verification, police monitored alarm system, windowless, reinforced construction, controlled plant access/egress, computerized card batching with complete audit trail.