Mail Shop & Distribution

Laser Printing of Letters/Carriers
Letters / carriers can be laser printed in-line or off-line. We can print variable text throughout the letter and fold off-line or on-line in a variety of sizes and formats. Programming options are very versatile and include CASS and NCOA processing. We can presort using our indicia, or presort using the customers indicia. Standard, non-profit, and first class mailings are available.

Card Affixing and Matching
Making sure the card and the letter match each other is of critical importance to you and APCCI. That’s why we employ a variety of solutions to meet the varied needs of our customers. We typically print a barcode on the letter / carrier, and match something on the card to that information. The card may have a mag stripe we can swipe and extract matching data from, or it could have a barcode we can scan to get data. We can also use cameras for matching. Our cameras are optimized to read barcodes, numbers, names, almost anything you will find on a card and a carrier.

APCCI uses standard swing arm inserting technology for its mailers. We can insert a carrier and 5 other items. Our automation process is very fast, and our double insert detection systems insure we don’t double mail an inserted item. Hand assembly is an option for odd sized mailings. We will help you optimize and strategize your most cost effective solution.

Mailing or Bulk Preparation
Our fulfillment group are experts in saving our customers money on their postal costs and insuring we send your product the best way possible to maximize turn time while minimizing costs.

Pick, Pack, and Ship
Many Retailers are often stuck with wondering how to distribute gift cards, track those shipments, and create reorder points that allow for efficient processing of SKU reorders. APCCI has a solution having processed over 40 million cards per year through our warehouses, distributing cards to stores and distribution centers on demand. We have extraordinary experience with large freight shipments, as well as shipping and receiving individual store packages.